Modifying, Updating, Deleting

Pipeline Operations
Throughout the course of using Calyptia Core you may need to modify your pipeline, update versions or delete them for various reasons. The following page goes over basic pipeline operations

Modifying a Pipeline

To modify a pipeline you can select the Edit button on the pipeline overview page. From here you are presented the same creation experience to add new sources, destinations, or add processing rules

Deleting a Pipeline

To delete a pipeline you can select the three dots on the right hand side of the pipeline from the Core Instance overview page. Here you can select Delete

Updating a Pipeline

When upgrading a Calyptia Core version you may wish to also upgrade the pipeline version to access new features. To perform this upgrade this is currently restricted to the Calyptia CLI. To update you can run the following
calyptia update pipeline <PIPELINE NAME> [flags]
When upgrading Calyptia Core, all pipelines and operations continue to operate without interruption. You may schedule a maintenance window seperately whenever you wish to update the pipeline to access newer features. All new pipelines automatically use the latest pipeline version.

Calyptia CLI

All modifications, deletions, and updates can be made with the calyptia cli with the following commands


calyptia delete pipeline <PIPELINE_NAME>

Modify / Update

calyptia update pipeline <PIPELINE_NAME>