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Redact/Mask Value

Redact/Mask all values with a pattern specified by regex in a key
The Redact/Mask value action will hide all values with a pattern specified by `regex` in the `key` by replacing it with a certain character such as "*"(default). When applied to your processing rule, the Redact/Mask value action will conceal every occurrence of the specified regex pattern in the values of Key by replacing it with your preferred character for every record in your pipeline.
For example, given the following sample website log data.
For the key action, to conceal every occurrence of the purchase value in every record of your pipeline by replacing it with “*”, from the actions drop-down menu of your processing rules tab, select Redact/Mask Value. For the key input box, add the “action” key, add “purchase” in the regex input box, and in the replacement characters input box, add “*”. Then click apply
Your Processing rule will now replace any occurrence of the value “Purchase” in the key “action” with the character “*”.
Last modified 2mo ago