Getting Started

Getting Started with Fleet Management

Calyptia Core allows you to connect Fluent Bit or Calyptia Fluent Bit instances to be managed as part of a unified Fleet configuration. This allows you to update the configuration on Calyptia Core and automatically apply across any Fluent Bit or Calyptia Fluent Bit instances that are attached to Calyptia Core.


  • Fluent Bit v2.1.8 or Calyptia Fluent Bit 23.4.5

  • Package running on Linux or MacOSX

Creating an initial Fleet Configuration

To get started go to and add a new fleet

Configuration for Fluent Bit and Calyptia Fluent Bit

Once a Fleet is created you can use the following configuration for either Fluent or Calyptia Fluent Bit to pull the configuration

    name calyptia

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