Install Calyptia Core

You can deploy Calyptia Core on many different platforms including Linux, Kubernetes, or even your laptop:

General architecture overview

Calyptia Core deploys within your infrastructure, whether it's an existing Kubernetes cluster, your laptop (using a tool like kind or minikube), or a Linux server. Calyptia Core configuration is managed within our cloud console at

All data is processed within your environment, virtual private cloud, or your infrastructure. The only data sent to Calyptia are configuration files and metrics.

Networking and firewall requirements

If your organization uses outbound firewall rules, you may need to allow the following ports and URLs. Descriptions about each URL are included in the following table:

All of the listed URLs use the TCP protocol and port 443.

Operating system requirements

Calyptia Core deploys a local K3s cluster as part of the installation, which must be supported on the target node. Refer to the specific K3s requirements for the most up-to-date information.

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