Forward Destination Plugin
Fluent Bit Forward destination plugin uses a lightweight protocol called Forward, optimized for low-latency and high-throughput data transmission over the network. This plugin supports both TCP and UDP transport protocols and provides options for configuring data buffering and batching to optimize network usage.
By using the Forward Destination Plugin, you can easily configure your Calyptia Core pipeline to send processed telemetry data to your Forward Services. This enables you to integrate Calyptia Core with Fluent Bit Forward seamlessly and efficiently, allowing you to transmit your data securely and reliably.

Configuration Parameters

The following are configuration Parameters for Forward Destination Plugin.
Target host where Fluent-Bit or Fluentd are listening for Forward messages.
TCP Port of the target service.
Timestamps as Integers
Set timestamps in integer format, it enables compatibility mode for Fluentd v0.12 series.
Upstream Configuration Path
If Forward will connect to an Upstream instead of a simple host, this property defines the absolute path for the Upstream configuration file, for more details about this refer to the Upstream Servers documentation section.
Unix Socket
Specify the path to unix socket to send a Forward message. If set, Upstream is ignored.
Overwrite the tag as we transmit. This allows the receiving pipeline start fresh, or to attribute source.
Send Options
Always send options (with "size"=count of messages)
Require Ack Response
Send "chunk"-option and wait for "ack" response from server. Enables at-least-once and receiving server can control rate of traffic. (Requires Fluentd v0.14.0+ server)
Set to "gzip" to enable gzip compression. Incompatible with Time_as_Integer=True and tags set dynamically using the Rewrite Tag filter. (Requires Fluentd v0.14.7+ server)
Enables dedicated thread(s) for this output. The default value is set since version 1.8.13. For previous versions is 0.
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