InfluxDB destination plugin

InfluxDB is an open-source time-series database that allows you store, process, and visualize time-stamped telemetry data from your applications and systems. It offers a standardized and efficient way to manage metrics, events, and logs, enabling you to extract valuable insights into the behavior and performance of your applications and infrastructure. InfluxDB supports various programming languages and platforms, and offers a diverse array of integrations with external tools and systems.

You can use the InfluxDB destination plugin to configure your Calyptia Core pipeline to route data to your InfluxDB instances.

Configuration parameters

The InfluxDB destination plugin provides these configuration parameters.




IP address or hostname of the target HTTP Server.


TCP port of the target HTTP Server.

Influx v1 - Database

InfluxDB Database Name where records are inserted. If you're using a newer version of Influx, use Bucket instead.

Influx v2 - Bucket

The amount of time between each API call.

Influx v2 - Org

InfluxDB Organization name where the bucket is (v2 only).




Add a HTTP header key/value pair. Multiple headers can be set.

Sequence Tag

The name of the tag whose value is incremented for consecutive simultaneous events.

Custom URI Endpoint

Custom URI Endpoint.

Tag Keys

Space separated list of keys that need to be tagged.



HTTP Username

Basic Auth Username.

HTTP Password

Basic Auth Password. Requires HTTP_User to be set.

Influx v2 - HTTP Token

Authentication token used with InfluDB v2 - if specified, both HTTP_User and HTTP_Passwd are ignored.

Security and TLS



Enable or disable TLS/SSL support.

TLS Certificate Validation

Turn TLS/SSL certificate validation on or off. TLS must be on for this setting to be enabled.

TLS Debug Level

Set TLS debug verbosity level. Accepts these values: 0 (No debug), 1 (Error), 2 (State change), 3 (Informational), 4 (Verbose).

CA Certificate File Path

Absolute path to CA certificate file.

Certificate File Path

Absolute path to certificate file.

Private key File Path

Absolute path to private key file.

Private Key Path Password

Optional password for tls.key_file file.

TLS SNI Hostname Extension

Hostname to be used for TLS SNI extension.

Advanced networking


DNS Mode

Select the primary DNS connection type (TCP or UDP).

DNS Resolver

Select the primary DNS connection type (TCP or UDP).

Prefer IPv4

Prioritize IPv4 DNS results when trying to establish a connection.


Enable or disable Keepalive support.

Keepalive Idle Timeout

Set maximum time allowed for an idle Keepalive connection.

Max Connect Timeout

Set maximum time allowed to establish a connection, this time includes the TLS handshake.

Max Connect Timeout Log Error

On connection timeout, specify if it should log an error. When disabled, the timeout is logged as a debug message.

Max Keepalive Recycle

Set maximum number of times a keepalive connection can be used before it is retired.

Source Address

Specify network address to bind for data traffic.

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