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Fluent Bit

Fluent Bit source plugin
Fluent Bit is an open source data collector and forwarder, designed to collect data from various sources, transform it, and export it to different destinations. It provides a lightweight and efficient solution for collecting and processing data, with support for various input sources such as logs, metrics, and events.
You can use the Fluent Bit Source Plugin to configure your Calyptia Core pipeline to collect data from your Fluent Bit instances.

Configuration parameters

The Fluent Bit source plugin provides these configuration parameters.


TCP port used for listening for incoming messages.

Security and TLS

Enable or disable TLS/SSL support.
TLS Certificate Validation
Turn TLS/SSL certificate validation on or off. TLS must be on for this setting to be enabled.
TLS Debug Level
Set TLS debug verbosity level. Accepts these values: 0 (No debug), 1 (Error), 2 (State change), 3 (Informational), 4 (Verbose).
CA Certificate File Path
Absolute path to CA certificate file.
Certificate File Path
Absolute path to certificate file.
Private key File Path
Absolute path to private key file.
Private Key Path Password
Optional password for tls.key_file file.
TLS SNI Hostname Extension
Hostname to be used for TLS SNI extension.

Configuring Fluent Bit to route data to Calyptia Core

You can leverage the out_forward plugin within Fluent Bit to route data to the Fluent Bit data source within Calyptia Core. In your Fluent Bit configuration, use the following configuration:
Name forward
Match *
Port 24244