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Vercel source plugin
Vercel is a platform that allows developers to deploy and scale their web projects with ease. Vercel streamlines the process of deploying frontend and serverless applications, allowing teams to deliver high-performing digital experiences to their users.
As an all-in-one platform, Vercel handles everything from continuous deployment to serverless functions, ensuring seamless integration with popular frameworks like Next.js and Nuxt.js. This enables developers to focus on building remarkable user interfaces and innovative features without worrying about infrastructure management. You can use the Vercel Source Plugin to configure your calyptia core pipeline to collect data from your Vercel instances.

Configuration Parameters

The following are configuration Parameters for Vercel Source Plugin.
The port to listen for incoming Vercel Log messages
Vercel Verification Token
Vercel Verification Token
The following are Advanced configuration Parameters for Vercel Source Plugin.
Tag Key
Specify the key name to overwrite a tag. If set, the tag will be overwritten by a value of the key.
Buffer Max Size
Specify the maximum buffer size in KB to receive a JSON message.
Buffer Chunk Size
This sets the chunk size for incoming incoming JSON messages. These chunks are then stored/managed in the space available by buffer_max_size.
Successful Response Code
It allows to set successful response codes. 200, 201 and 204 are supported.
The following are Security and TLS configuration Parameters for OpentemetrySource Plugin.
Enable or Disable TLS/SSL support
TLS Certificate Validation
Turn TLS/SSL certificate validation on / off, TLS must be on for this setting to be enabled.
TLS Debug Level
Set TLS debug verbosity level. It accepts the following values: 0 (No debug), 1 (Error), 2 (State change), 3 (Informational), and 4 Verbose
CA Certificate File Path
Absolute path to CA certificate file
Certificate File Path
Absolute path to Certificate file
Private key File Path
Absolute path to private Key file
Private Key Path Password
Optional password for tls.key_file file
TLS SNI Hostname Extension
Hostname to be used for TLS SNI Extension