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Service types for Ports

A pipeline in Calyptia Core can be associated with multiple ports. To list these ports, you can use the following command:
calyptia get endpoints --pipeline $PIPELINE_ID
These ports are mapped to corresponding Kubernetes services.
Kubernetes services can be of various types, as described here. In the context of Calyptia Core, you have the flexibility to configure the type of service utilized by a pipeline. The service types supported by Calyptia Core include:
  • NodePort
  • ClusterIP
  • LoadBalancer (This is the default type)

Creating a Pipeline with a Specific Service Type

When creating a pipeline, you can specify the desired service type using the following command:
calyptia create pipeline --name $PIPELINE_NAME --core-instance $CORE_INSTANCE_NAME --config-file ./config.yaml --service-type=LoadBalancer

Updating the Service Type of an Existing Pipeline

To update the service type of an existing pipeline, use:
calyptia update pipeline $PIPELINE_NAME --service-type=LoadBalancer
If you need to modify the service type for a specific port (endpoint), the following command can be used:
calyptia update endpoint $ENDPOINT_NAME_OR_ID --service-type=NodePort

Verifying the Service Type in Kubernetes

To check the type of service within your Kubernetes cluster, you can use:
kubectl get svc -A -o json | jq '.items[] | .metadata.name, .spec.type'