Uninstalling Calyptia Core from a Kubernetes Cluster.

The steps for uninstalling Calyptia Core from a Kubernetes Cluster installation can be followed next.
First, remove all the pipelines that belong to the core instance. Please be aware that this step cannot be reverted so any workload that is using these pipelines will not continue working.
for pipeline in $(calyptia get pipelines --aggregator ${NAME_OF_YOUR_INSTANCE}) -o json | jq -r -c '.[] | .name'); do echo $pipeline && calyptia delete pipeline $pipeline --yes; done
You can validate that no pipelines remain available by running:
calyptia get pipelines --aggregator ${YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME} --show-ids
Once no pipelines are left, helm can be used to remove the installed release from the cluster.
helm uninstall calyptia-core -n ${CALYPTIA_CORE_NAMESPACE}