Updating and Deleting

n the course of using Calyptia Core you may need to update pipelines for new configuration, delete endpoints, or in some cases rollback from bad configuration. All these options are available for pipelines created for Calyptia Core and can be performed through the cli.

Updating a Pipeline

Pipelines can be updated at any time by running the following command
calyptia update pipeline <PIPELINE NAME>
calyptia update pipeline PIPELINE [flags]
--auto-create-ports Automatically create pipeline ports from config if updated (default true)
--config-file string New Fluent Bit config file used by pipeline
-h, --help help for pipeline
--new-name string New pipeline name
--output-format string Output format. Allowed: table, json (default "table")
--replicas uint New pipeline replica size

Deleting a Pipeline

You can run the following to delete a Pipeline
calyptia delete pipeline <PIPELINE NAME OR ID>