The statsd input plugin allows you to receive metrics via StatsD protocol.


Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

Configuration Examples

Here is a configuration example.

    Name   statsd
    Port   8125

    Name   stdout
    Match  *

Now you can input metrics through the UDP port as follows:

echo "click:10|c|@0.1" | nc -q0 -u 8125
echo "active:99|g"     | nc -q0 -u 8125

Calyptia Fluent Bit will produce the following records:

[0] statsd.0: [1574905088.971380537, {"type"=>"counter", "bucket"=>"click", "value"=>10.000000, "sample_rate"=>0.100000}]
[0] statsd.0: [1574905141.863344517, {"type"=>"gauge", "bucket"=>"active", "value"=>99.000000, "incremental"=>0}]

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