Docker Log Based Metrics

The docker input plugin allows you to collect Docker container metrics such as memory usage and CPU consumption.


Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

If you set neither Include nor Exclude, the plugin will try to get metrics from all the running containers.

Configuration File

Here is an example configuration that collects metrics from two docker instances (6bab19c3a0f9 and 14159be4ca2c).

    Name         docker
    Include      6bab19c3a0f9 14159be4ca2c
    Name   stdout
    Match  *

This configuration will produce records like below.

[1] docker.0: [1571994772.00555745, {"id"=>"6bab19c3a0f9", "name"=>"postgresql", "cpu_used"=>172102435, "mem_used"=>5693400, "mem_limit"=>4294963200}]

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