The Calyptia Cloud command-line interface (CLI) allows you to quickly perform actions on top of your Calyptia Cloud account as well as control your Calyptia Fluent Bit Enterprise instances.


Calyptia Cloud Account Needed

You need to sign up for a Calyptia Cloud account prior to using the CLI.

Downloading the CLI

You can download the cli on the following supported platforms. Current release is v0.23.0

All major operating systems are supported (Linux/OS X/Windows). Releases
can be found in the following URL:

Installing the CLI

After downloading the package unpack the contents into a local directory. Within the directory, you will find the calyptia binary as well as a

tar xzvf cloud-cli_*.tar.gz

Start up the CLI

Once unpackaged you can run the calyptia command to get a list of commands and subcommands


MacOSX might require additional permissions

When using MacOSX you may need to approve Calyptia as a developer prior to first startup. Generally through opening with Finder.

Installing CLI auto-complete

The CLI comes with auto-complete for popular shells such as bash, fish, powershell, and zsh. You can retrieve autocomplete commands via the following

% ./calyptia completion 

Generate the autocompletion script for calyptia for the specified shell.
See each sub-command's help for details on how to use the generated script.

  calyptia completion [command]

Available Commands:
  bash        generate the autocompletion script for bash
  fish        generate the autocompletion script for fish
  powershell  generate the autocompletion script for powershell
  zsh         generate the autocompletion script for zsh

  -h, --help   help for completion

Global Flags:
  --cloud-url string   Calyptia Cloud URL (default "")
  --token string       Calyptia Cloud Project token

Use "calyptia completion [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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