Using Helm

Installation of Calyptia Core on Kubernetes using helm

Helm Chart GitHub Repo

You can find the Calyptia Core Helm Chart at the following GitHub repository:


Calyptia Cloud Project Token

You need your Calyptia Cloud Project Token, which can be found under the Cloud Console settings page. You may also create specific tokens in your project as needed

Install via Helm

Add the Calyptia chart repository.

helm repo add calyptia

Update the repository

helm repo update

Install the calyptia/core helm chart and, we strongly recommend specifying a custom namespace to deploy the control plane.

In the example installation, the calyptia namespace has been chosen.

Also, It's recommended to assign the calyptia-core instance a unique user-provided name, by default a random UUID will be used if none is provided.

helm install \
--namespace calyptia \
--create-namespace calyptia-core calyptia/core \
--set project_token=<TOKEN IN CALYPTIA CLOUD SETTINGS> \

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