Pipeline History and Rollback

Calyptia Core allows you to view the history of pipelines and rollback in cases of unexpected behavior.

Retrieve Pipeline History

To see the config history of a given pipeline

calyptia get pipeline_config_history --pipeline <PIPELINE ID>
 ID                                    AGE        
 7c636cb9-2734-4168-81e3-3a84208049ae  36 seconds 
 1542066b-c2ff-4908-bd81-4d815f9ae22a  1 minute   
 7a3d0d8d-2e7a-4443-b5be-11b86942499c  5 minutes  
 237e3f6f-52e9-4dea-a7da-070a58bf4884  15 hours   

To see the status history of a given pipeline

calyptia get pipeline_status_history --pipeline <PIPELINE ID>
 STATUS   CONFIG ID                             AGE      
 STARTED  237e3f6f-52e9-4dea-a7da-070a58bf4884  15 hours 
 NEW      237e3f6f-52e9-4dea-a7da-070a58bf4884  15 hours 

Rollback Pipeline configuration

To rollback the pipeline into a particular configuration from the

calyptia rollout pipeline <PIPELINE ID> --to-config-id <CONFIG ID>

Or by specifying the amount of steps back in the config history

calyptia rollout pipeline <PIPELINE ID> --steps-back 2

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