Calyptia Core Agent


Convert Unstructured to Structured messages
Dealing with raw strings or unstructured messages is a constant pain; having a structure is highly desired. Ideally we want to set a structure to the incoming data by the Input Plugins as soon as they are collected:
The Parser allows you to convert from unstructured to structured data. As a demonstrative example consider the following Apache (HTTP Server) log entry: - - [28/Jul/2006:10:27:10 -0300] "GET /cgi-bin/try/ HTTP/1.0" 200 3395
The above log line is a raw string without format, ideally we would like to give it a structure that can be processed later easily. If the proper configuration is used, the log entry could be converted to:
"host": "",
"user": "-",
"method": "GET",
"path": "/cgi-bin/try/",
"code": "200",
"size": "3395",
"referer": "",
"agent": ""
Parsers are fully configurable and are independently and optionally handled by each input plugin, for more details please refer to the Parsers section.
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