FlowCounter is the protocol to count records. The flowcounter output plugin allows to count up records and its size.

Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:



The unit of duration. (second/minute/hour/day)


Getting Started

You can run the plugin from the command line or through the configuration file:

Command Line

From the command line you can let Calyptia Fluent Bit count up a data with the following options:

$ calyptia-fluent-bit -i cpu -o flowcounter

Configuration File

In your main configuration file append the following Input & Output sections:

    Name cpu
    Tag  cpu

    Name flowcounter
    Match *
    Unit second


Once Calyptia Fluent Bit is running, you will see the reports in the output interface similar to this:

$ calyptia-fluent-bit -i cpu -o flowcounter  
Calyptia Fluent Bit 20.10.03

[2016/12/23 11:01:20] [ info] [engine] started
[out_flowcounter] cpu.0:[1482458540, {"counts":60, "bytes":7560, "counts/minute":1, "bytes/minute":126 }]

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