Use Wasm programs as a filter

Wasm Filter allows you to modify the incoming records using Wasm technology.

Due to the necessity to have a flexible filtering mechanism, it is now possible to extend Calyptia Fluent Bit capabilities by writing custom filters using built Wasm programs and its runtime. A Wasm-based filter takes two steps:

  1. (Optional) Compiled as AOT (Ahead Of Time) objects to optimize Wasm execution pipeline

  2. Configure the Filter in the main configuration

  3. Prepare a Wasm program that will be used by the Filter

Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

Configuration Examples

Here is a configuration example.

    Name   dummy
    Tag    dummy.local

    Name wasm
    Match dummy.*
    WASM_Path /path/to/wasm_program.wasm
    Function_Name filter_function_name
    Accessible_Paths .,/path/to/accessible

    Name   stdout
    Match  *

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