Standard Output

The stdout filter plugin allows printing to the standard output the data flowed through the filter plugin, which can be very useful while debugging.

The plugin has no configuration parameters, is very simple to use.

Command Line

$ calyptia-fluent-bit -i cpu -F stdout -m '*' -o null

We have specified to gather CPU usage metrics and print them out in a human-readable way when they flow through the stdout plugin.

Calyptia Fluent Bit 20.10.03

[2021/06/04 14:53:59] [ info] [engine] started (pid=3236719)
[2021/06/04 14:53:59] [ info] [storage] version=1.1.1, initializing...
[2021/06/04 14:53:59] [ info] [storage] in-memory
[2021/06/04 14:53:59] [ info] [storage] normal synchronization mode, checksum disabled, max_chunks_up=128
[2021/06/04 14:53:59] [ info] [sp] stream processor started
[0] cpu.0: [1622789640.379532062, {"cpu_p"=>9.000000, "user_p"=>6.500000, "system_p"=>2.500000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>8.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>6.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>2.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>9.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>6.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>3.000000}]
[0] cpu.0: [1622789641.379529426, {"cpu_p"=>22.500000, "user_p"=>18.000000, "system_p"=>4.500000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>34.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>30.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>4.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>11.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>6.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>5.000000}]
[0] cpu.0: [1622789642.379544020, {"cpu_p"=>26.500000, "user_p"=>16.000000, "system_p"=>10.500000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>30.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>24.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>6.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>22.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>8.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>14.000000}]
[0] cpu.0: [1622789643.379507371, {"cpu_p"=>39.500000, "user_p"=>34.500000, "system_p"=>5.000000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>52.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>48.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>4.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>28.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>21.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>7.000000}]
^C[2021/06/04 14:54:04] [engine] caught signal (SIGINT)
[2021/06/04 14:54:04] [ info] [input] pausing cpu.0
[2021/06/04 14:54:04] [ warn] [engine] service will stop in 5 seconds
[2021/06/04 14:54:08] [ info] [engine] service stopped

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