Windows Exporter Metrics

A plugin based on Prometheus Windows Exporter to collect system / host level metrics
Prometheus Windows Exporter is a popular way to collect system level metrics from microsoft windows, such as CPU / Disk / Network / Process statistics. Fluent Bit 1.9.0 includes windows exporter metrics plugin that builds off the Prometheus design to collect system level metrics without having to manage two separate processes or agents.
The initial release of Windows Exporter Metrics contains a single collector available from Prometheus Windows Exporter and we plan to expand it over time.
Important note: Metrics collected with Windows Exporter Metrics flow through a separate pipeline from logs and current filters do not operate on top of metrics.


The rate at which metrics are collected from the host operating system
5 seconds

Collectors available

The following table describes the available collectors as part of this plugin. All of them are enabled by default and respects the original metrics name, descriptions, and types from Prometheus Windows Exporter, so you can use your current dashboards without any compatibility problem.
note: the Version column specifies the Fluent Bit version where the collector is available.
Exposes CPU statistics.

Getting Started

Simple Configuration File

In the following configuration file, the input plugin _windows_exporter_metrics collects _metrics every 2 seconds and exposes them through our Prometheus Exporter output plugin on HTTP/TCP port 2021.
# Node Exporter Metrics + Prometheus Exporter
# -------------------------------------------
# The following example collect host metrics on Linux and expose
# them through a Prometheus HTTP end-point.
# After starting the service try it with:
# $ curl
flush 1
log_level info
name windows_exporter_metrics
tag node_metrics
scrape_interval 2
name prometheus_exporter
match node_metrics
port 2021
You can test the expose of the metrics by using curl:

Enhancement Requests

Our current plugin implements a sub-set of the available collectors in the original Prometheus Windows Exporter, if you would like that we prioritize a specific collector please open a Github issue by using the following template: - in_windows_exporter_metrics