Calyptia Core Agent


Calyptia Fluent Bit is distributed as calyptia-fluent-bit package for Windows. Calyptia Fluent Bit has two flavours of Windows installers: a ZIP archive (for quick testing) and an EXE installer (for system installation).
Not all plugins are supported on Windows: the CMake configuration shows the default set of supported plugins.


Make sure to provide a valid Windows configuration with the installation, a sample one is shown below:
# Flush
# =====
# set an interval of seconds before to flush records to a destination
flush 5
# Daemon
# ======
# instruct Calyptia Fluent Bit to run in foreground or background mode.
daemon Off
# Log_Level
# =========
# Set the verbosity level of the service, values can be:
# - error
# - warning
# - info
# - debug
# - trace
# by default 'info' is set, that means it includes 'error' and 'warning'.
log_level info
# Parsers File
# ============
# specify an optional 'Parsers' configuration file
parsers_file parsers.conf
# Plugins File
# ============
# specify an optional 'Plugins' configuration file to load external plugins.
plugins_file plugins.conf
# HTTP Server
# ===========
# Enable/Disable the built-in HTTP Server for metrics
http_server Off
http_port 2020
# Storage
# =======
# Calyptia Fluent Bit can use memory and filesystem buffering based mechanisms
# -
# storage metrics
# ---------------
# publish storage pipeline metrics in '/api/v1/storage'. The metrics are
# exported only if the 'http_server' option is enabled.
storage.metrics on
Name winlog
Channels Setup,Windows PowerShell
Interval_Sec 1
name stdout
match *

Installation Packages

Similar to Linux, Windows packages are provided upon active subscription to Calyptia Fluent Bit. Please contact support to access your custom repository.

Installing from ZIP archive

Download a ZIP archive from provided URL repository. There are installers for 32-bit and 64-bit environments, so choose one suitable for your environment.
Then you need to expand the ZIP archive. You can do this by clicking "Extract All" on Explorer, or if you're using PowerShell, you can use Expand-Archive cmdlet.
PS> Expand-Archive
The ZIP package contains the following set of files.
├── bin
│ ├── calyptia-fluent-bit.dll
│ └── calyptia-fluent-bit.exe
│ └── calyptia-fluent-bit.pdb
├── conf
│ ├── calyptia-fluent-bit.conf
│ ├── parsers.conf
│ └── plugins.conf
└── include
│ ├── flb_api.h
│ ├── ...
│ └── flb_worker.h
└── calyptia-fluent-bit.h
Now, launch cmd.exe or PowerShell on your machine, and execute calyptia-fluent-bit.exe as follows.
PS> .\bin\calyptia-fluent-bit.exe -i dummy -o stdout
If you see the following output, it's working fine!
PS> .\bin\calyptia-fluent-bit.exe -i dummy -o stdout
[2019/06/28 10:13:04] [ info] [storage] initializing...
[2019/06/28 10:13:04] [ info] [storage] in-memory
[2019/06/28 10:13:04] [ info] [storage] normal synchronization mode, checksum disabled, max_chunks_up=128
[2019/06/28 10:13:04] [ info] [engine] started (pid=10324)
[2019/06/28 10:13:04] [ info] [sp] stream processor started
[0] dummy.0: [1561684385.443823800, {"message"=>"dummy"}]
[1] dummy.0: [1561684386.428399000, {"message"=>"dummy"}]
[2] dummy.0: [1561684387.443641900, {"message"=>"dummy"}]
[3] dummy.0: [1561684388.441405800, {"message"=>"dummy"}]
To halt the process, press CTRL-C in the terminal.

Installing from EXE installer

Download an EXE installer from the provided URL repository. There are installers for 32-bit and 64-bit environments, so choose one suitable for your environment.
Double-click the EXE installer you've downloaded. The installation wizard will automatically start.
Click Next and proceed. By default, Calyptia Fluent Bit is installed into C:\Program Files\calyptia-fluent-bit\, so you should be able to launch calyptia-fluent-bit as follows after installation.
PS> C:\Program Files\calyptia-fluent-bit\bin\calyptia-fluent-bit.exe -i dummy -o stdout

Windows Service Support

Windows services are equivalent to "daemons" in UNIX (i.e. long-running background processes). Calyptia Fluent Bit has native support for Windows Service.
Suppose you have the following installation layout:
├── conf
│ ├── calyptia-fluent-bit.conf
│ └── parsers.conf
│ └── plugins.conf
└── bin
├── calyptia-fluent-bit.dll
└── calyptia-fluent-bit.exe
└── calyptia-fluent-bit.pdb
To register Calyptia Fluent Bit as a Windows service, you need to execute the following command on Command Prompt. Please be careful that a single space is required after binpath=.
% sc.exe create fluent-bit binpath= "\calyptia-fluent-bit\bin\calyptia-fluent-bit.exe -c \calyptia-fluent-bit\conf\calyptia-fluent-bit.conf"
Now Calyptia Fluent Bit can be started and managed as a normal Windows service.
% sc.exe start calyptia-fluent-bit
% sc.exe query calyptia-fluent-bit
SERVICE_NAME: calyptia-fluent-bit
STATE : 4 Running
To halt the Calyptia Fluent Bit service, just execute the "stop" command.
% sc.exe stop calyptia-fluent-bit
To start Calyptia Fluent Bit automatically on boot, execute the following:
% sc.exe config calyptia-fluent-bit start= auto