Observe employs the http output plugin, allowing you to flush your records into Observe.

For now the functionality is pretty basic and it issues a POST request with the data records in MessagePack (or JSON) format.

The following are the specific HTTP parameters to employ:

Configuration Parameters

Configuration File

In your main configuration file, append the following Input & Output sections:

    name         http
    match        *
    host         my-observe-customer-id.collect.observeinc.com
    port         443
    tls          on

    uri          /v1/http/fluentbit

    format       msgpack
    header       Authorization     Bearer ${OBSERVE_TOKEN}
    header       X-Observe-Decoder fluent
    compress     gzip

    # For Windows: provide path to root cert
    #tls.ca_file  C:\fluent-bit\isrgrootx1.pem

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