Calyptia Core Agent


The head input plugin, allows to read events from the head of file. It's behavior is similar to the head command.

Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:
Absolute path to the target file, e.g: /proc/uptime
Buffer size to read the file.
Polling interval (seconds).
Polling interval (nanosecond).
If enabled, filepath is appended to each records. Default value is false.
Rename a key. Default: head.
Line number to read. If the number N is set, in_head reads first N lines like head(1) -n.
If enabled, in_head generates key-value pair per line.

Split Line Mode

This mode is useful to get a specific line. This is an example to get CPU frequency from /proc/cpuinfo.
/proc/cpuinfo is a special file to get cpu information.
processor : 0
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 42
model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz
stepping : 7
microcode : 41
cpu MHz : 2791.009
cache size : 4096 KB
physical id : 0
siblings : 1
Cpu frequency is "cpu MHz : 2791.009". We can get the line with this configuration file.
Name head
Tag head.cpu
File /proc/cpuinfo
Lines 8
Split_line true
# {"line0":"processor : 0", "line1":"vendor_id : GenuineIntel" ...}
Name record_modifier
Match *
Whitelist_key line7
Name stdout
Match *
Output is
$ bin/calyptia-fluent-bit -c head.conf
Calyptia Fluent Bit 20.10.03
[2017/06/26 22:38:24] [ info] [engine] started
[0] head.cpu: [1498484305.000279805, {"line7"=>"cpu MHz : 2791.009"}]
[1] head.cpu: [1498484306.011680137, {"line7"=>"cpu MHz : 2791.009"}]
[2] head.cpu: [1498484307.010042482, {"line7"=>"cpu MHz : 2791.009"}]
[3] head.cpu: [1498484308.008447978, {"line7"=>"cpu MHz : 2791.009"}]

Getting Started

In order to read the head of a file, you can run the plugin from the command line or through the configuration file:

Command Line

The following example will read events from the /proc/uptime file, tag the records with the uptime name and flush them back to the stdout plugin:
$ calyptia-fluent-bit -i head -t uptime -p File=/proc/uptime -o stdout -m '*'
Calyptia Fluent Bit 20.10.03
[2016/05/17 21:53:54] [ info] starting engine
[0] uptime: [1463543634, {"head"=>"133517.70 194870.97"}]
[1] uptime: [1463543635, {"head"=>"133518.70 194872.85"}]
[2] uptime: [1463543636, {"head"=>"133519.70 194876.63"}]
[3] uptime: [1463543637, {"head"=>"133520.70 194879.72"}]

Configuration File

In your main configuration file append the following Input & Output sections:
Name head
Tag uptime
File /proc/uptime
Buf_Size 256
Interval_Sec 1
Interval_NSec 0
Name stdout
Match *
Note: Total interval (sec) = Interval_Sec + (Interval_Nsec / 1000000000).
e.g. 1.5s = 1s + 500000000ns
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