The Kafka input plugin allows subscribing to one or more Kafka topics to collect messages from an Apache Kafka service. This plugin uses the official librdkafka C library (built-in dependency).

Configuration Parameters



Single or multiple list of Kafka Brokers, e.g:,


Single entry or list of topics separated by comma (,) that Calyptia Fluent Bit will subscribe to.


Client id passed to librdkafka.


Group id passed to librdkafka.



Kafka brokers polling interval in milliseconds.



{property} can be any librdkafka properties

Getting Started

In order to subscribe/collect messages from Apache Kafka, you can run the plugin from the command line or through the configuration file:

Command Line

The kafka plugin can read parameters through the -p argument (property), e.g:

$ calyptia-fluent-bit -i kafka -o stdout -p brokers= -p topics=some-topic

Configuration File

In your main configuration file append the following Input & Output sections:

    Name        kafka
    Topics      some-topic
    poll_ms     100

    Name        stdout

Example of using kafka input/output plugins

The calyptia-fluent-bit source repository contains a full example of using calyptia-fluent-bit to process kafka records:

    Name kafka
    brokers kafka-broker:9092
    topics fb-source
    poll_ms 100

    Name    lua
    Match   *
    script  kafka.lua
    call    modify_kafka_message

    Name kafka
    brokers kafka-broker:9092
    topics fb-sink

The above will connect to the broker listening on kafka-broker:9092 and subscribe to the fb-source topic, polling for new messages every 100 milliseconds.

Every message received is then processed with kafka.lua and sent back to the fb-sink topic of the same broker.

The example can be executed locally with make start in the examples/kafka_filter directory (docker/compose is used).

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